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Beatlemania strikes the Quarter...

He stayed two months. The street scene above was shot from the hotel's second story balcony and is a view the famed Beatle must have seen often from the vantage point of his suite located above the three flags that greet guests upon their arrival at the front entrance. He may have enjoyed the hotel's food as well as the locals do. You often find as many residents of the Quarter dining there as out of town guests. The hotel opened in 1969 and is locally owned and operated. When we were there, the staff was hospitable and out-of-their-way helpful to us. For more information on Le Richelieu, located in the French Quarter at 1234 Chartres St., check out the hotel's Web site at www.lerichelieuhotel.com.

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In addition to its historical sites, architecture, restaurants, hotels, street performers, artists and fortune tellers, the Quarter also fills the bill for two other American passions: shopping and partying.

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