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Night stalks Annabella Darby in...

Bittersweet: Pleasure colored with regret. In the plant world, a poisonous nightshade. Annabella Darby is out of time. ...
Evil, tangible, real, unseen, yet felt, descends upon Darby Ranch in the waning months of 1897, taking first her brother and then her father. Now, it's her turn. ... Her only hope lies in the future with Hale Knight, a drummer in a wildly popular rock band. He will travel across worlds to save her, yet his future lies in a past more ancient and dangerous than he can imagine. ...
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Bittersweet is the second novel in the Scrolls of Dust series. Haunted since childhood by her mother's death, she appears easy prey to an evil older than mankind's recorded history. This sinister power uses her weaknesses against her. Working its way into her twilight hours past midnight, when the silent world appears at rest, it releases into her mind the hobgoblins kept in abeyance by the daylight.

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