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Night falls over the Vieux Carre...

The following excerpt is from Embrace the Boogeyman. The speaker is rock idol Kirth Naran, who sensed during his performance earlier that evening that his enemy was nearby.

He well knew the scent and sound of New Orleans. Not even the smell of stale liquor and discarded trash that haunted areas of the Vieux Carre could color the heart of The Big Easy for Kirth. He'd watched the city age over the years, while the soul that lay underneath the dirt and crime and noise retained its youthful vitality. That soul had its own beat, its own rhythm, its own beauty. When he heard the wail, the plantive cry that rode the night breeze, he'd known. The anguished moan reflected the aftershock of The Beast. The deceiver lay nearby, waiting, watching, spreading its evil tentacles outward searching for him.

the boogeyman hath arrived...

Thus ends our tour of an area whose history dates back to the early 1700s, when, in 1718, Jean Baptiste le Moyne, sieur de Bienville, founded New Orleans. The site was selected because of the need for an inland water route to Biloxi on the Gulf Coast. During its history, the city has been owned by the French, the Spanish and, with the Louisiana Purchase, the Americans.

Even Annabella Darby, the heroine in the second book in the Scrolls of Dust chronicles, has ties to New Orleans. She owes her life to the city and a street vendor who gave her father a special gift...

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