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Welcome to Sweet Mischief's Press

We, at Sweet Mischief's Press, are dedicated to enjoying our work, which is publishing the Chronicler's stories from the Scrolls of Dust and inspirational books in the Up Close and Personal series. We have a booth at several festivals, including the Texas Book Festival in Austin in November.

Author Georgia Temple, an award-winning photographer and writer, is a lifelong Texan with a background in education and journalism. She has worked as an on-air radio personality and as a private investigator for Pinkerton's Inc.

At this time, we do not publish any other books. We do, however, design marketing materials, including Web sites, business cards and portfolios. We are located in Midland, Texas, childhood home of First Lady Laura Bush and President George W. Bush as well as a number of those well known in the entertainment business, such as actor Tommy Lee Jones, Emmy Award winning producer/director Terry Jastrow and mezzo-soprano Susan Graham.

For more information on SMP or Embrace the Boogeyman, go to our Web site, www.sweetmischiefspress.com , or contact:

Sweet Mischief's Press
P.O. Box 11392
Midland, Texas 79702

Fax: 432-684-7760. We will respond unless you are trying to sell us something. Currently, we are not accepting calls from solicitors or manuscripts from authors.

e-mail: contact@sweetmischiefspress.com

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